Ordering system that cannot get an address correct

(Updated 30 November 2019)

I recently had a issue with the #game (Game Retail Limited trading at GAME.co.uk) ordering system. And have to ask myself is it really that difficult to get the addresses correct?

I have had issues with game before which is why I tend to avoid them if I can help it.

We will be referring to the correct address for billing and delivery as goodaddress. And the wrong, incorrect, unwanted, unused and old address as badaddress.

I ordered something on games website (game.co.uk). I selected goodaddress as both the delivery and billing address. When reviewing the order online after it was accepted. I found that the delivery address displayed was badaddress and the billing address was displayed as goodaddress.

I queried this on the online chat system with a person, not the virtual rubbish that online retailers call assistants. To find that their system shows goodaddress as the delivery address. I also received an email confirming the order as showing the delivery address to be goodaddress. So the score is now goodaddress 2 and badaddress 1.

When I received an email stating that the order is shipped, the email showed the delivery address to be badaddress. So the score is now goodaddress 2 and badaddress 2.

The product was delivered at the correct address (goodaddress) not badaddress. But in an unexpected twist, the delivery note/receipt that came in the package showed the delivery address to be goodaddress, but the billing address as badaddress. So they couldn’t even get that right.

My question is how can so many errors make it through any sort of quality system. The only consistent part of these errors is the fact that they used the same addresses. They just couldn’t decide which address was which. Whoever writes the order system for #game (game.co.uk). Please tell me what other online retailers you work for so that I can avoid them all.

My Opinion on the Note 10+

(Updated 25 November 2019)

I have been using the Note 10+ since it was delivered to me last week. I have installed all the necessary applications and attempted to use my earphones. When using a smart phone, or any other device, my expectations are actually quite low. It needs to make my life easier and simpler. Anything that adds frustration shows bad engineering. When using a phone I quite often find myself in a situation where I have to use wired headphones and still need to be able to charge the device. Wireless charging is not available in these situations.

  1. The camera seems to take nice pictures. But then to be honest, I was mostly happy with the Note 8 pictures. Except in low light where the Note 8 didn’t seem to like taking a good picture. I could take pictures of a rose, cut the rose out and send it to my wife. All on the phone with the built in functionality. Nice. I seem to be able to do the same with the Note 10+. So for me, there is no gain there.
  2. Both the Note 8 and then Note 10+ are about the same size. I held them next to each other to compare, so don’t bug me with “but the specs say”.
  3. Note 10+ has 2 extra cameras, which I am still looking at. I have no comment on these at the moment and have not found out how they will improve my life.
  4. Earphone socket.
    • The Note 8 has a 3.5mm socket. I can use head phones while travelling without any issues. I tend to use a pouch that has a slot to allow for my headphones to be plugged into the phone on the edge of the cover. Luckily they aren’t positioned centrally. I can also use a 90 degree adapter to get the cable out sideways so that the phone and board don’t get damaged by having a whopping great connector sticking out of it all the time.
    • The Note 10+ only has a USB-C socket. So far the adapters I have tried all give me the message on the phone of “Connected USB device isn’t supported”. The supplied earphones don’t let me listen and charge the phone using a cable. And no dongle has been supplied. I cannot get a 90 degree dongle that allows me to charge and listen to music. So I am now stuck with a phone that I cannot listen to music on. What a waste of my time and money.
  5. I have been having issues getting the pen out of the Note 10+. My fingers don’t seem to want to go deep enough to click the pen so that it can be removed.
  6. The first attempt at using the 3D scanner resulted in an object that didn’t look anything link the original object I scanned. I assume that it is because this is my first attempt and following the instructions just isn’t enough to get the image scanned properly.
  7. As it turns out, the Gear VR is not compatible with the Note 10 either. (Source: https://www.engadget.com/2019/08/08/samsung-galaxy-note-10-gear-vr-incompatible/). I tried it, and it doesn’t work. I don’t care how committed Samsung are to VR and AR. Specifically making things incompatible is just bad.

To put simply. This phone as not added anything to my life that makes it easier or better. Instead it has gone out of its way to complicate my life. And in some cases Samsung seem to have gone out of their way to make things incompatible. So far, this has been my biggest waste of money this decade. At this point I see the Note 10+ as a complete waste of money. I should have stuck with my Note 8.

(Updated 25 November 2019) For all of you that are really concerned. Don’t worry. I fixed all of my NOTE 10+ issues. I now have a 3.5mm socket without having to use an external adapter. I can charge and listen to music at the same time without using bluetooth or wireless charging. I can use the phone in my Gear VR. I did all this by sending the NOTE 10+ back. Instead I have a Note 9 with 500GB storage. A much longer battery life, a 3.5mm socket for my headphones. I spent about £10 on a small NOTE 9 Gear VR adaptor.

So, Now I have a cheaper phone. With almost the same features as a Note 10+, but with a MUCH longer lasting battery, the sockets that I need. And I can use it with my Gear VR.

For me an upgrade should be just that, An UPGRADE. An upgrade that removes features and makes my life more difficult, costs me more money and doesn’t add anything that improves my life, isn’t an upgrade. It is just a money grab. Sorry Samsung, but for me the Note 10+ is a big FAIL.

Moved Firmus Utility moved to Open Source

After careful consideration, we have decided to make the source code for our Firmus Utility application available to anyone that requests it. As a proof of concept, it worked very well. We have found that there is no longer much need for this application and don’t want to spend any more resources on it. Thank you to everyone that has installed and used our application.

Note 7 vs Sony Xperia XZ vs LG V20

Let me start by making it quite clear, that this isn’t a review. It isn’t a dig at the various products. It is just my opinion as a user who is stuck trying to find a useful phone. One that doesn’t go out of its way to make my life difficult.

I have been a Note fan since my first Note. I have had in my possession a Note 2, Note 3, Note 4, Note 10 (1st Gen) and Note Pro 12.2. The Note 5 was never made available in the UK, and even if it was, I had no intention of trading in a perfectly good Note 4 for something with a limited battery capacity.

What I look for in a phone are:

  1. Navigation buttons (Home, Back) that are always visible and available.
  2. Camera that is easily accessible and takes good pictures.
  3. Earphone socket so that I can listen to music in airports, on planes and on trains.
  4. Battery with an extremely large capacity (even when using Pokemon Go). Or one that I can replace the battery with a large capacity battery.
  5. Stylus so that I can write some of my notes in Evernote and draw images.
  6. Quick and easy to take notes.
  7. Ability to hold the phone on the edges without touching the screen. This is so that I can hold it securely without dropping it.

The first thing I do with my phone is buy a large capacity battery. With the Note 2, Note 3 and Note 4, this was very easy. I travel and when travelling I find that I spend more time than usual on my phone. I keep it in my pocket with earphones plugged in so that I can listen to my music without being hindered or damaging my phone. I don’t plug it into the USB charging sockets that are available on aircraft as they tend to get in my way and when I move, I sometimes damage the cable. This also makes it difficult to put the phone down and do some drawing as the cable gets in the way.

I like the offscreen navigation buttons as they allow me to do things quickly without interfering with what is on the screen. For me this is quick, easy and frustration free. I know that there are people out there that believe that I am an idiot for liking the offscreen buttons. But that isn’t true. The phone/tablet is there to support me. I am not there to work around it’s peculiarities. Please keep in mind that onscreen keyboards are hard to see when the battery on the phone is running low.

I do a lot of hand writing and drawing. I find this to be the fastest way for me to take notes on phones and tablets. I can easily express my ideas without being stuck in a line by line format. With a keyboard that keeps changing what I am trying to write.

My plan was to buy a Note 7 as my last Note and hope that the rumors about the next Note’s weren’t true. But as you all know, the Note 7’s were recalled leaving me with nothing as the Note 4’s stopped being produced.

The first Note replacement that I bought was a Sony Xperia XZ. This was the biggest purchase mistake that I have made in decades. I found the pictures to not be very good, the onscreen keyboard would display when I swiped from the bottom of the screen. But when I pressed the home or back icon quite often the application behind the navigation area also received the click event. I started many a game and have taken may a picture trying to click the back button to get out of it. This is very frustrating to me. All I want is something where I can click and it is done. Simple and pain free. The battery life on this phone also doesn’t get close to my needs. Overall I found this phone to be very frustrating to use. I did not like it at all.

I then bought an LG V20. This is not available in Europe. Something to do with the LG marketing department not having a clue when the biggest competitor in the Android market was recalling their Note 7’s. I had to buy it from Hong Kong. It came with dual sim card and 64GB flash. I also bought a battery kit which includes a spare battery and charger. This has been working brilliantly for me. The photos and videos are clear and in focus. I have set the onscreen navigation keys to always show (where possible). And for the most part they work as expected for a device without proper navigation buttons. When I bring them up and click the back or home buttons, the background application doesn’t suddenly start a game or take a photo. It has a quick note facility that is available from the second screen. There is one frustrating flaw with this phone though. It doesn’t have a Stylus, or natively support a stylus. This is making it difficult for me to take notes and draw pictures. Otherwise this phone would be perfect for my needs.

Is there truth in reviews?

AppReview Scam or not?

AppReview Add

YourAppReview Add Taken From Email

Since we started posting applications to the Google Play Store (©2015 Google). We have been receiving offers from lots of different companies. The ones that caught my attention more recently keep promising “App Reviews”. How can a company promise more than 100 “App Reviews”?

For example, I recently received a promise of “115 App Reviews for Your App plus a bonus post to 4,000 App Review Fans on Facebook.” I am not stupid enough to accept their offer, but there must be a lot of people out there that do. Why on earth would I trust a company like “yourappreport.com” that promises to lie about my application.

If you find offers like these tempting, then remember that you also rely on app reviews in order to decide what application to install. If you are ready to give your information to a company that deals in deceitfulness by default, then you must also be ready to accept that not only could you be ripped off, but that the reviews you read are false.

Please don’t give into these people. Show some integrity and stand up for truth in reviews. Don’t buy the lie.